IONTOF headquarter, Münster, Germany
Innovative Ion Beam Technology for Surface Analysis
IONTOF is a manufacturer of innovative instruments for surface analysis with different product lines for time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry (TOF-SIMS) and high-sensitivity low-energy ion scattering (LEIS).
Founded as a classical spin-off of the University of Münster, IONTOF has meanwhile become the technological leader in the field of TOF-SIMS and LEIS instrumentation.
The company was founded by Prof. Alfred Benninghoven, Dr. Ewald Niehuis and Mr. Thomas Heller in 1989 to commercialise the original research carried out by Prof. Benninghoven and his team at the University of Muenster in Germany from the early 80's. Since the technique became commercially viable IONTOF has made many product improvements and more than 350 instruments are in operation in industrial and academic laboratories worldwide.
Today, the IONTOF group consists of four different companies. The IONTOF GmbH, which sells, produces and services all IONTOF analytical instruments. The IONTOF Technologies GmbH which is in charge of all R&D projects. The subsidiary IONTOF USA which was founded for sales and after sales service in the United States and the Swiss-based Nanoscan AG for all R&D projects in the field of SPM technology.
Data & Facts
The IONTOF group of companies develops, sells, manufactures and supports innovative instruments for surface analysis. With more than 85 employees working in Germany, the United States of America and Switzerland, IONTOF is seen as role model for the successful development of original university research into a professional business.
IONTOF's mission is to develop surface analysis technology and expand its potential for future applications. Considerable research effort as well as close co-operation with our customers will create new possibilities, thus keeping our instruments at the leading edge of technology.
IONTOF's success is based on the longstanding experience in the field and the skills of our scientists and engineers. Excellent customer support and the close co-operation with them, and a dedication to supply a good, efficient product to match the demands of the modern users are part of our nature.
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Career Forum
Job satisfaction among employees creates the corporate culture and passion of the organization. They are the key factor for success and the most valuable asset of a company.
IONTOF employees have a strong dedication, show a great commitment, and a high degree of quality consciousness along with customer orientation and responsible behaviour.
If you are interested in a new challenge in an innovative working environment, this might be the place for you. This page lists all of our current job openings.

Unsolicited applications are highly welcome at any time.
Furthermore, we also offer our customers the opportunity to publish their current job advertisements on our web page. Feel free to contact us or send your application directly to:

Attention: Ms Claudia Schirdewan
IONTOF Job Opportunities
Elektroingenieur Entwicklung (m/w/d)
Die IONTOF ist ein inhabergeführtes, mittelständiges Unternehmen und stellt innovative Instrumente für die Oberflächen-, Mikro- und Nanoanalytik her. Mit unseren Produktlinien ToF-SIMS, LEIS und SPM haben wir uns seit der Unternehmensgründung vor 30 Jahren zu einem weltweit operierenden Technologieführer entwickelt. An unserem Hauptsitz im Wissenschaftspark in Münster entwickeln und produzieren wir mit 90 Mitarbeitern diese Analysegeräte für namhafte Firmen der Halbleiter-, Display- und Chemischen Industrie, der Pharmaindustrie sowie für Universitäten und Großforschungseinrichtungen. Unser Standort bietet ein attraktives Umfeld in der für eine hohe Lebensqualität bekannten Stadt Münster.

Ihre Aufgaben
Design elektrischer und elektronischer Systeme mit den Schwerpunkten Schaltnetzteile, Messtechnik, Analogelektronik und Hochspannung
Weiterentwicklung unserer bestehenden Systeme und Komponenten
Pflege und weitere Verbesserung unserer Produktdokumentation
Ausarbeitung und Vermittlung von Lösungen im Bereich Kundenanforderungen, Produktsicherheit und Prüfungen
Ihr Qualifikationen
Erfolgreich abgeschlossenes Studium der Elektrotechnik
Mehrjährige Erfahrung mit elektronischen Schaltungen in allen Entwicklungsstufen: Idee, Schaltungsentwurf, Versuchsaufbau, Layout, Elektromechanik, EMV, Standards, Doku
Ausdauer und analytisches Vorgehen beim Lösen auch schwieriger technischer Aufgaben
Ausgeprägte analytische Fähigkeiten und eine strukturierte, eigenständige Arbeitsweise
Sie sind ein Teamplayer mit Sozialkompetenz und verfügen über sehr gute Deutsch- und Englischkenntnisse in Wort und Schrift

Unser Angebot
Ein sicherer Arbeitsplatz, verbunden mit einer attraktiven Vergütung
Die Sicherheit und Stabilität eines profitablen und etablierten Unternehmens
Interessante Aufgaben, die die Zukunft unseres Unternehmens mitgestalten
Herausfordernde und abwechslungsreiche Projekte in zukunftsgerichteten Branchen
Ein kooperatives Arbeitsklima, mit Freiraum zur Verwirklichung eigener Ideen
Eine umfangreiche Einarbeitung durch erfahrene Kollegen ist für uns selbstverständlich
Fühlen Sie sich angesprochen? Dann freuen wir uns auf Ihre vollständige Bewerbung mit Gehaltsvorstellung und möglichem Eintrittstermin, gern auch per E-Mail.

Laura Kwahs
Heisenbergstraße 15
48149 Münster

+49 (0)251 1622-172
Third Party Job Opportunities
We are happy to publish job advertisements of our customers. Please send your job offer to be published to
Job: Scientific researcher/postdoctoral fellow (f/m/d) in the field of TOF-SIMS at liquid/solid interfaces
The University of Duisburg-Essen, Campus Duisburg, offers a full-time position at the Interdisciplinary Center for Analytics on the Nanoscale (ICAN) within the DFG-funded project CRC/TRR 247 "Heterogeneous Oxidation Catalysis in the Liquid Phase" as Scientific researcher/postdoctoral fellow (f/m/d) in the field of TOF-SIMS at liquid/solid interfaces.

Link:  Job description ICAN
Job: Research Assistant / Associate at Imperial College London
As part of a larger European project, EPISTORE, the Imperial College London is is looking for a Research Associate in the field of ion beam surface analysis experiments, in particular TOF-SIMS and LEIS. If you are interested, please check the job description on the Imperial College career portal.

Link:  Job description Imperial College London
Modern life is characterised by continuous development and technological change.
The capacity for understanding, controlling and taking advantage of new ideas is essential. As a result, analytical instrumentation has to expand its performance to fulfil current and future analytical demands. IONTOF is well-known for its innovative ion beam technology for surface analysis and provides solutions for the high-tech industry and academic research.
To supply the best solutions to our customers, close co-operation and the ability to exactly understand their demands is vitally important. One can only be successful if deep understanding of the challenges can be combined with high-end technical expertise and longstanding experience.
Our target is to follow the requests of potential customers and to exactly meet their requirements.
Developing outstanding solutions requires excellent and highly motivated employees. IONTOF's success is based on the skills and the experience of our scientists and engineers. All our employees are highly trained and most of them have been with the company for more than 10 years.
This guarantees a high level of experience and allows new team members to develop their talents much faster.
Health, Safety and Environment
IONTOF is not only committed to developing and manufacturing products that are safe and environmentally sound throughout their lifecycle. We consider environmental issues such as low energy consumption with high priority, and we are convinced that this policy deserves even greater attention in the future in view of the climate change.

IONTOF hence recognizes climate change as a serious concern that requires meaningful action on a global basis in order to stabilize the atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases. IONTOF is convinced that all sectors of society, economy and governments worldwide must participate in finding solutions to the climate change and supports joint efforts to reduce global GHG emissions.

We consider energy conservation and renewable energies to be pillars of climate protection and will continue to conserve energy and to improve the energy efficiency of its operations, products and services. IONTOF also encourages its suppliers to do likewise.

Environment solar cells IONTOF
A major step was taken in 2010, when IONTOF started to exclusively use green electricity from a local provider. We received the green energy label "Grüner Strom Label" in gold. In addition, we have actively been contributing to the use and generation of green energy with solar cells installed on the roof of our company building.

With the use of 100 % green electricity, IONTOF has achieved a major reduction of its scope 2 GHG emission. The IONTOF CO2 balance for 2010 for scope 1 and scope 2 GHG emission was reduced to less than one ton of CO2 per million US$ turnover.

Furthermore IONTOF is also a member of the "Allianz für Klimaschutz" (alliance for climate protection) of Münster. This group was established by the city council in 2011 in order to support Münster's ambitious climate protection targets, which include a CO2 reduction of 40 % from 1990 to 2020 as well as the use of 20 % renewable energies until 2020.
Logo Grüner Strom Label Stadtwerke Münster

IONTOF actively participates in the workgroups dealing with the efficient use of power and with possible immediate measures.

Our highly skilled people are the Company's key resource and their health, safety and welfare are central to our values. We are committed to preventing injury or harm to persons through our activities and to reducing work-related illness or injury to a minimum. We are proud of our injury-free history and will continue to reduce risks by ensuring that all our employees are well-trained, competent and responsible. By maximising their wellbeing and ensuring their active participation and consultation at all levels of our organisation and by creating a working atmosphere of trust, fairness and openness, we will ensure that our employees will help us to achieve our goals of a safe and healthy working environment.

The Managing Directors have ultimate responsibility for health and safety within the company and are advised by independent health, safety and environmental professionals. The company does not only meet all relevant legal, industrial and other requirements but also sees this as nothing more than a starting-point. The company is committed to the continuous improvement of its standards on health, safety and environment. This will contribute directly to our overall business performance and to sustainable growth and will be of major importance for customer satisfaction.

IONTOF hence pursues defined goals with suitable measures in order to continue to improve the company’s performance with regard to environmental protection, occupational safety, health protection and quality of products and services.


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